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New Rules and Regulations

As a result of the architectural study commissioned by Woods Landing’s Board of Directors and EPCOM, there are new rules and regulations, a copy of which was provided to every homeowner. Be sure to refer to this document as you plan any changes or upgrades to your property. Please take note of the new guidelines regarding sunrooms and screened porches. Many of you have asked about these in the past and we were constrained by our previous regulations. New possibilities are now available to every homeowner.

If you need another copy, please contact Ralph Hudson, Bay West Management, baywest@aol.com or (410) 897-0207

Woods Landing, An Award Winning Community

The first thing you notice about Woods Landing are the trees. Nature abounds in this ninety-nine unit development. In 1981, developer Steve Seawright designed and developed Woods Landing on the Little Mathothy for which he was awarded the Department of Natural Resources “Excellence in Forest Conservation and Land Development White Oak Award". More impressively, Seawright developed the community prior to Maryland’s laws requiring forest conservation. The wetlands, nature paths, landscaped walkways and observation tower overlooking the Little Magothy complete the natural experience in our eclectic community.

Other Woods Landing Awards
• Metropolitan Washington and Baltimore Landscape Contractor's Association - Best Commercial Design for a Residential Community

• Home Builders Association of Maryland - Award of Excellence for Architectural Design

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Did you know?
Did you know you may elect to "landscape" a common area near your home and receive reimbursement for your efforts? Contact your EPCOM representative for more details.




Community Clean Up Day

     Every Spring and Fall friends and neighbors come together to spruce up our beautiful community at our semi-annual Clean Up Days. Following coffee and doughnuts at the picnic area, volunteers get to work on several areas in the neighborhood. At around noon they meet back at the picnic area to enjoy a pizza lunch and camaraderie.

     Some work determinedly on the trail, the dog park and picnic area, others the playground, the boatyard and in general by picking up branches, raking, weeding, repairing railings and painting. It's a community effort and it's a lot of fun.

     We all appreciate the time and attention residents spend maintaining the esthetic quality of our neighborhood. Woods Landing is a stunningly attractive community, due in large part, to the attention we, as members, give to maintaining it. Let’s keep it up. See you at our next Clean Up Day.


Trash Problems With Vultures

We have “venue” of vultures. Yes, that’s what a group of vultures is called and, unfortunately, a very large venue has decided to make camp at Woods Landing on our trash days. Since these are a species of bird protected under the Migratory Bird Act of 1918, we have no easy means of eradication. The best solution is to remove their food source and this means putting our trash in covered cans. We realize this represents some inconvenience for some of our residents, but we are left with no other good choices. Perhaps you can share a can with a neighbor or otherwise work out trash can sharing arrangements within your court. Your Board of Directors and EPCOM are working on this problem and we will contact our residents as we have further suggestions and the Woods Landing Trash Guidelines have been revised to reflect this change.


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